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Community in a time of Social Distancing

In the age of social distancing Howell Station has found ways to remain a community with the help of our neighbors and businesses in the area. Our neighbors have been putting fitness classes together including HIIT workouts and Yoga. This has been very popular and has helped people get out of the house while maintaining a safe distance and getting some exercise.

The neighborhood has been fortunate to have some of the businesses in the area come to Knight Park to sell food and services including Refuge Coffee, Das BBQ, Atlanta Breakfast Club, Yumbii and Aztec Cycles for bike repairs. This has lifted spirits of those who were able to enjoy some sense of normalcy enjoying the foods and services they are used to. To pass time there has also been an influx of kids and parents seen riding bikes and taking walks around the neighborhood while waving at friends as they pass, people working on those home projects that keep being put off from selling and giving away their old items to getting their yard ready for when they are able to have friends over again.

Easter was a bit different this year as instead of collecting eggs in Knight Park with all the neighbors the plan was modified to accommodate social distancing by making the holiday into fun scavenger hunt by hiding egg cutouts around the neighborhood for kids to take pictures with and send in for a prize at the end. There is a lot to look forward to this year even if it is in altered form.

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