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HSNA Board Meeting Minutes - Aug 4, 2020

Minutes - HSNA Board Meeting 8-04-2020

Gas Station & zoning in our area. We are looking into ethics angle with Nina Gentry. Seems like blatant, non-observance of ordinances. Let people City know that we are a force politically. Gas station is most likely going to become reality. For the future, can we close the type of loophole that allowed gas station too close to a neighborhood?

Re-zoning. Concern about Mt. Ephraim. Previously, Keyetta seemed to support of re-zoning 31 parcels to the north of us. Now, new approach is to keep zoning as-is, but put in legislative conditions that would not allow particular types of businesses that we do not support from going in.

Treasurer’s update

· Friends of Howell station, $66,581

· Howell station checking, $6.633

· $492.02 in savings

· We got $5,000 direct deposit from city of Atlanta June 23. Also got a $5,000 check in the mail last week from NPUK City of Atlanta; not sure what the $5,000 check is for. Megan investigating.

Knight Park Update. Pavilion. Park Pride says we need to re-apply for permit due to covid. Looking into getting quotes for re-surfacing tennis court and getting it re-gated. Grant is going to order the bridge for the park. City says we need to hire a general contractor for the work. Patrick from the city is going to look at the bridge (prefab) and hopefully give approval w/o needing contractor. Meeting Weds. 8/5/2020 at 6p at the park.

Neighborhood Events. Silent auction not happening this year. Instead, promote online Made in Howell Station Market as our fundraiser this year (end of Sept.) Email neighbors asking people to make items. Would need all entries in by 1st or 2nd week of Sept. Alert neighbors with email, mailbox fliers?

Chili cookoff unlikely this year. Giving kitchen volunteer event not happening.

Events this year could include:

· Music in the Park October 10 instead of chili cookoff. Do we want to email neighbors to see if they’d be interested in attending / playing at Music in the Park event?

· Probably still hold the pumpkin roll fundraiser.

· Halloween trick or treating? Maybe we do the drive-in on Halloween night?

· Pictures with Santa probably not going to happen. Ditto with taste of Howell Station.

· Family “porch”trait. We could maybe do a fundraiser like that?

The Works – (Adeline) Prepping to do open workshop at The Works. 10-6 weekdays & 10-4 on weekends. Interactive activities, fun stuff for kids. Tracking where we are on the master plan for our area. Great way to get a safe, socially distant sneak peek into the Works since it’s not open yet. Their facebook page:

Westside CID. Consultants looking at data from the various neighborhoods on what people want to see for our area. Will start compiling a list of capital projects for the CID. What do people want to be done first? Will be sending out drafts eventually so all neighborhoods can see the visioning for their hood. CID is footing the bill for the master planning effort. It’s going to set the tone for the years to come.

Pocket park on Brady BZA meets Aug. 6 to discuss pocket park funding. Seeking a parking reduction in the area. Bike racks, bike pump station delivered, need final OK for construction; could start by end of the month.

Westside park update. Naomi reps Howell Station as it pertains to the work Grove Park community is doing with the city. Meeting biweekly as a neighborhood committee and on opposite weeks they meet with city. Hoods’ requested extension of moratorium was approved.

Sidewalks, trail connectivity to Grove Park are under consideration. Speed limit, traffic control and monitoring falls under dept of trans. Hollowell is one of most dangerous, deadly streets in vehicular fatalities. May widen sidewalks. Possible traffic calming or median on Hollowell to slow things down.

Housing is big issue for nearby communities. Request for zoning changes to allow for more in-law suites and more homes to be converted to duplexes because they’re more affordable housing options. May see more density – more townhouses or small high rises with some affordable housing set aside.

Quarry Park April 2020 opening delayed due to Covid; work continues on phase two.

Only two people in city of Atlanta who respond to zoning infractions. It’s no surprise then to see why we’ve had no luck on gas station. They can still fine these folks who break zoning laws. Grove Park has asked that the fines can be passed on to the neighborhood. Re-distributed to the neighborhood that is impacted. It has not been approved. But, if Grove Park is successful, we can try to do the same? Grove Park asking city to share with their neighborhood 5% of profits of concerts &events at the park.

Chris Alasa – train horn. Change. Org petition. Try to get everyone to sign it.

Blasting continues. Apparently, they are re-doing something. Can we ask them to notify us the night before so people can be prepared?

Meeting adjourned.

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