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QTS Negotiations & Initiatives

Our dedicated HSNA Zoning Committee has been hard at work drafting guidelines and agreements to ensure that the ongoing plans for the QTS data center adjacent to our neighborhood will be as agreeable and accommodating to Howell Station's needs as possible. Now, they need some input from neighbors so they know what the majority of our residents want to see from this development, and what they don't. It's worth repeating what Arthur Toal so appropriately mentioned in his presentation at the most recent General Body Meeting: We cannot stop this development, but we CAN help to shape it - and that's where your input comes into play!

Please take ten minutes of your time to participate in this important survey and get involved in how our neighborhood is growing and changing.

In addition, we're going to need financial support from the neighborhood to access expert assistance in the form of real estate and zoning attorneys, city planning consultants, and engineers who can help the committee to understand the impact of these developments and incentivize developers to work with the neighborhood. Without these resources, our home will be reshaped according to the needs of much more powerful entities who may not have our best interests at heart. Please consider a donation of $20 or more to this fund, as you are able.

HUGE thanks to the Zoning Committee for their hard work and dedication to preserving the character and charm of our historic neighborhood. They have put hundreds of hours into this initiative already, and will continue to do so. We all benefit from their hard work, so if you see them around the 'hood, say THANK YOU!

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